OPINION: Fisher Administration Center will be missed, despite quirks

The University of Detroit Mercy will say goodbye to the Fisher Administration Center this fall semester. The building that was introduced to campus will now be torn down.

We say our goodbyes to a beloved part of the Detroit Mercy family. The building came to campus in the 1960s and was not too popular at first. It was known for its black exterior look, which was much different than the other buildings on campus. It definitely stood out. 

As the years flew by the building became a favorite to many, holding many important departments, such as financial aid, students services, as so much more. It was known for its frisky elevators that would trap students and staff here and there, stairwells that many would walk up and down on when the elevators would go down, and chilly offices that no matter the weather would get extremely hot as the hours went by. During harsh storms the lower level would get the after effects of that. It was very expensive for renovations that the building needed, but it was always needed. 

Over the years many departments moved to the Student Union, so the building became empty. The space did in fact become useful for the community. Police departments held trainings to build relationships with federal, state and also local agencies. 

The demolition will take several months to complete. When it is officially completed it will be a clear space until the University decides the best way to make use of the soon to be free-spaced area. 

We hope all students and faculty hold on to the memories the Fisher Administration Center gave them!