Men’s soccer leader, Jackson Towers, returns from ACL tear

The Oxford dictionary defines energy as “the strength and vitality required for sustained physical or mental activity.” Jackson Towers has embodied that trait ever since he stepped on to campus in 2020. The 6’0’’ senior from Beaver Creek, Ohio, has been a force on and off the field, appearing in 20 games at Midfield/Defense for the Titans, as well as making three fall and spring Horizon League Honor Roll. 

Unfortunately, before the start of his junior season, Towers tore his Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) in his knee, which resulted in No. 21 in the blue and red not seeing any game action in the 2022 campaign. ACL injuries are considered among the worst in all sports and some players never reach the same level athletically after the extensive grueling rehab process that Towers faced. 

When asked how this process affected him both mentally and physically, Towers said, “Overall, the rehab process for me mentally was a little challenging at times. It was hard to be sidelined for a whole season and must watch my team play knowing I couldn’t be out there. Physically, the rehab process was also very demanding. It was countless hours spent in the training room and weight room either getting my exercises done or doing treatment trying to get my knee to cooperate. Overall, the process has made me a stronger person both physically and mentally.” 

That strength is not just recognized by himself, as his teammates are the first to acknowledge it, along with his impact on the Titans soccer squad. 

Junior defender Alex Kalaj echoed this impact when asked about what Towers means to the team, and said of his teammate Towers, “He is a second coach, his voice speaks volumes in the locker room, the bus and even the bench. He is our energy and our leader.” 

The Titan Men are fortunate to have their leader around for another season as he has another year of eligibility, stating that he plans “to come back and play for another season next year. I want to end my years here with a Horizon League Championship”. 

Regarding this current season, Towers said that he is looking forward to “seeing what our team can truly accomplish this year.”

 “We started out rough, but our coach preaches to us that this is a process,” he added. “We take it one game at a time, and we work to get 1% better every day to be playing our best soccer in November when the horizon league playoffs are here.” 

While he is back on the field and playing extensive minutes, it can take a little while to fully get back, which Towers hopes to work towards every day, hoping he will be back to that form come playoff time.