Tutoring program offers students way to help with Detroit literacy

The University of Detroit Mercy is bringing a new paid tutoring opportunity to campus. This program is brand new and heavily endorsed by the leader of The University of Detroit Mercy, President Donald B. Taylor. 

When asked about the program, President Taylor said, “The University’s participation in Beyond Basics meets one of my many goals for the University. It will put our students in the community to do meaningful work and everyone benefits. The one-on-one tutoring will help young people improving their reading skills, which will improve their confidence and performance in school. Our students will benefit financially, yes, but more importantly, they will learn what it means make a positive difference in the futures of the youth of Detroit, many of whom might choose Detroit Mercy when they move on to college.”

Beyond Basics is a new program this year on campus that is aiming to re-train and hire college students to serve as 1-on-1 tutors for K-12 students in the greater Detroit area. The program is focusing on grade level reading improvement for these students. The tutors are required to be available during school hours between Monday and Friday. The tutors will be offered competitive pay at $20 an hour. 

On top of being required to attend paid training in Southfield, tutors must be able to work on-site in Detroit. Tutors should be expecting 4-6 students per day and aim to improve the literacy of the students as well as help them successfully apply their learned concepts.

The strong urgency and focus on the benefit of improving reading skills, confidence and performance is one that reflects the attitude of Detroit Mercy. 

From the student side however, the overall attitude is more focused on the monetary possibilities to be made. The University of Detroit Mercy is no stranger to providing students with opportunities to generate an income while being enrolled as a student. Be it Facility Operations, Information Technology, Maintenance, or a variety of other positions, students have always been able to serve the campus they learn on. Beyond Basics is the newest addition to that list, and one that opens several doors.

The President of the Honors College, Erin Letourneau, said, “I think that a paid tutoring program is a great initiative for students to gain income while being a student. Although, I also think that it contradicts the University’s mission towards social responsibility, as prior there has been volunteering opportunities to tutor within the community.” 

A student in the nursing program, Bela Corey, said she feels it will help students get involved and learn new ways to communicate.