Students see campus needs beyond Fisher Administration Center

It’s hard not to notice the demolition for the Fisher Administration Center, but that’s not the only part of the Detroit Mercy campus students feel needs improvement. We talked to VN staffers and other students about what is left to be done to improve campus and the UDM experience:

“Being a commuter student it is very hard to find a place to do homework that is not out in the open in front of a million people. I’d like to see something like that change because sometimes I find myself driving 40 minutes home just to do homework” – Emily Colucci, senior.

“I have been interested in the role of the alumni board, and I think that there should be more intergenerational conversations between students and the board. I would prefer it if we were all on the same page moving forward” – Jeremiah Steen, senior.

“If there was one thing I could change on campus, it would be the ambiance of the library. It is so dated and the colors as well as the layout could use an upgrade” – Anne Wiebelhaus, sophomore.

“TDR breakfast could be much better. It would give me a better start to the day. Sometimes I feel sick after eating breakfast here. I also think that the school and some professors can better recognize the responsibilities we have as students, because our only job is not going to class” – Stefano Carlesso, sophomore.

“I would really love to see a football team. So many more people would come here and the gameday experience would be great. More realistically though I would love to see upgrades to the Fitness Center, specifically adding a pool or something like a lazy river” – Liam Bien, sophomore.

“I would love to see better food options. Something like a sweetgreen or a Chipotle would be great. The Loft and Subway get incredibly old and the time in TDR is limited. I would love to see something like a hot tub in the Fitness Center as well” – Jordyn Dao, sophomore.

“TDR breakfast should be much longer. Sometimes I miss breakfast all together because of the hours. I also would like to see that the parking in front of quads is for residents only. It is extremely hard to find a spot when the lot is full of commuters and faculty” Selena Fadhil, sophomore. 

“I wish that the library was open later. I study late and it would help me to study more efficiently and do better in my classes. Extended weekend hours would be great as well” – Morgan Giordano, junior.

“Honestly, I don’t understand why they don’t invest more money in student housing outside the fence. They claim they care about this area but are simply just scared of it.  I live on Farfield in a fraternity house, and it is easily the best experience I have had as a student here. There should be more housing in the surrounding area, for regular students, athletes and especially for Greek orgs of all kinds. They complain about no students coming to events but do not understand what would really get kids to WANT to be here, which is good housing close to campus” – Lorenzo Lafata. junior.

“Food improvement would be nice here. Add another chain restaurant or two. I get that this is a small school, but we all know what we pay in tuition. We definitely have the money for it” – Gavin Mullica, junior.