Recent Detroit Mercy grads express gratitude

The 2023 academic year, for some students, was just the beginning of another year. For others, it was the beginning of the end of the road for their college experience; Detroit Mercy seniors are getting closer to their graduation day where they will watch all their hard work finally pay off.  

It’s a time of excitement, of course, yet there is much more to graduating than just being handed a diploma. Planning, portfolios, job interviews – these steps seniors begin to take that can make any college student overwhelmed when preparing to enter the real world on their own are all a part of the process.  

The university has several outlets for seniors to take advantage of, including the Center for Career & Professional Development, Handshake, career planning events and even faculty that are more than willing to lend a helping hand.

“My advisor and Video Editing professor, Jason Roche, had the most profound impact on my experience,” said Ari Chesterman, a recent alum. “He truly is passionate about teaching, helping and being there for students. There’s been many times in the last couple of years that I've reached out to him for help with something.” 

Student success is not only about completing coursework and receiving passing grades; it is about using the tools and skills provided by the school to grow in professionalism, knowledge and confidence.  

“Don't undervalue your time, especially when it comes to the little things,” said Lorenzo Izzi, a recent UDM graduate. “The professors and faculty from CLAE and the School of Engineering were extremely helpful in getting me to the point where I am at today.”  

Izzi also stressed the impact the classes at UDM had on him.

“I have a subsection on my resume titled “Relevant Coursework” that highlights my programming and production projects as well as the work I did for the Varsity News and much more to give credit to the skills I gained at UDM,” Izzi told VN. 

Outside of the usual coursework and support from staff that benefit students are the number of events the university holds for upcoming graduates to become involved in.  

For those who are not yet aware, November is Natural Career Development Month. The CCPD has planned a series of future-planning events throughout the following weeks.  

Upcoming are: Dream Big: Career Vision Board Workshop, Navigating the Evolving Landscape of Work in 2024, Money Management, and Salary & Benefit Negotiations. Students from all majors are encouraged to register via Handshake on the school homepage. 

Prevailing in post-graduation readiness starts with using these resources and allowing for those who are there to help to take an active role throughout those pivotal final months on campus.