Detroit Mercy puts on a fundraiser for its Day of Giving

The University of Detroit Mercy (UDM) celebrated “Day of Giving” for the first time on Nov. 28. Also known as “Global Day of Giving,” or “Giving Tuesday,” “Day of Giving” is a 24-hour international fundraising movement typically held on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving.

This year, the University of Detroit Mercy raised $75,840 in donations from 387 donors consisting of alumni, parents, faculty, staff, community members and students from across the nation.

Thirty distinct organizations from various departments at the University campaigned for the event. Donors could choose the specific areas that they were passionate about by directly donating to the organization. Fundraising campaigns were submitted by the “Detroit Mercy Annual Fund,” “Titan Equity Nourish Network,” “The Hive,” “Service Immersion Trips,” “Adia J. Palmer Memorial Scholarship,” “URec Club Sports” and many more.

Judy Wernette, the Director of Annual Giving at the University of Detroit Mercy, illustrated that “Day of Giving” significantly impacted various initiatives at the University in a short period of time.

“Day of Giving is a special, concentrated fundraising initiative during which UDM encourages its community – including alumni, students, faculty, staff and friends – to come together and make contributions within a specified 24-hour period,” Wernette said. “This event is designed to create a sense of urgency and excitement, rallying support for various programs, initiatives, and projects through a collective and time-limited effort.”

The collective spirit that the event embodied united Titans from around the world. Wernette considered this communal spirit to be at the center of “Day of Giving.”

“By rallying the community around a shared cause on the Day of Giving, we not only generate financial support but also cultivate a sense of shared responsibility and engagement,” Wernette said. “This inclusive approach ensures that smaller, yet impactful, initiatives across the university receive the attention and funding they need to flourish, ultimately enhancing the overall educational experience and well-being of UDM students and the community.”

Mike Wynn Jr., the Director of University Recreation, strategized the club-sports campaign for his department, “URec.”

“It’s a great experience for my club sports officers to work alongside me to set things up for their organizations, network with alumni and donors and receive additional support for their interests,” Wynn Jr. said. “We face financial challenges in our quest to build our passionate sports clubs. The generous contributions are directed to the clubs and provide the student-athletes with the resources needed to excel in their sport.”

The support organizations received from “Day of Giving” directly impacts the experience of students at the University. For example, donations for “URec” will be used to secure up-to-date equipment and supplies, cover league and tournament fees, as well as transportation and accommodation expenses.

“Receiving donations to our club sports campaigns enhances our ability to equip our students with everything they need to be successful,” Wynn Jr. said. “It is a vital part of my department's mission to create an inclusive and thriving community of well-rounded individuals, and every contribution helps bring us closer to achieving our goals and making a lasting impact on the lives of our students.”

Although this year’s “Day of Giving” was celebrated by the University of Detroit Mercy for the first time, Wynn Jr. hoped that it can continue in the future. 

“This year was our first time fully participating in this event,” Wynn Jr. said. “I hope to gain more support with the upcoming events as we're looking to grow our support system.”

Even though the event has ended, the University is still accepting donations in the spirit of “Day of Giving.” To learn more about the 30 organizations who participated in the event, or to donate to the University of Detroit Mercy, go to