UDM students look back on 2023

The year at Detroit Mercy is coming to a close. While there were many memories for students, some stuck out more than others. Here’s what some students had to say:

“What stuck out to me was the great improvement in TDR and all the great food options” ~ Drew Kessenich 

“I have enjoyed seeing so many new faces on campus. It feels like everyone has been interacting more” ~ Aidan Bishop 

“I enjoyed catching up with old friends on campus and meeting so many new people!” ~ Luke Majick 

“I think it’s cool that the CBA gives the investment classes an investment portfolio to work with and practice what we learn in a real-life situation” ~ Holly Misiakowski  

“Going to UDM this year something that stuck out to me was the school's diversity. It makes me proud of the school I go to because it allows me to see the world from other views” ~ Billy Hart 

“I have loved to see the efforts and improvements in the athletic department to make the student-athlete experience better!” ~ Sarah Meek 

“The Student Union I think was an awesome project. The study rooms are helpful and make our campus look beautiful” ~ Kristine Kropp 

“I think UDM has done a great job this year on keeping up with the school’s appearance! With the taking down of Fisher and renovations of the Student Center and more, the campus has looked its best!”~ Abbi Schillinger

“I enjoyed meeting new people and experiencing a fun learning environment” ~ Addison Roy  

“I’ve really noticed how the professors care about their students and their well-being, and I’ve been able to connect with them better!” ~ Taylor Kondel