Student Advisory Board prepares Titans for life beyond campus

From a humble starting to a boastful organization, the Student Advisory Board (SAB) at the University of Detroit Mercy is making waves as a dynamic organization focused on fostering unity, professional development and a sense of community among business students.  

SAB, according to President Mark Formosa, is a business organization on campus serving as the voice of the College of Business Administration. The Organization collaborates with the CBA alumni board to enhance students’ professional development through networking events, business-related workshops, and effective communication from the CBA.  

“SAB is a business club for business students,” Formosa said. 

Formosa affirms, however, there have been instances where students from different departments have been allowed into the club. Just this year, the organization brought on a cybersecurity major who was merely just interested in the club and business administration.  

“Honestly I think anyone, regardless of their major, could benefit from SAB and what the organization has to offer,” Event Planning Committee Chair Alice Zagrean said. “Amongst the E-Board and our members, we have many connections with alumni, recruiters, and various corporations.”  

One of the most remarkable things about the organization is its recent jump in growth. Under Formosa’s leadership, SAB has experienced incredible gains in members, evolving from a mere four tight knit members to a community of many students. Zagrean reflected on the polarizing change of members.  

"I joined SAB when there were roughly 10-12 people showing up for a meeting, and things such as an organized educational trip, fundraising, and fun events were only brainstorming ideas that floated about in the air,” Zagrean said. “Our first meeting of the Fall 2023 semester, we had completely overfilled Commerce & Finance Room 139, and I honestly couldn't have been any more proud standing back and observing the room that day."  

Formosa puts the current active membership of the organization at 25 members (fluctuating); however, it is very common to see all seats filled and people standing to come to the organization meetings and events with attendance numbers well in the high 30s. 

Vice President of the organization, Alexander Kalaj, describes the club as “the best business organization on campus.”  

He adds, “In SAB, you receive value and provide value. Similar to any organization, you get out what you put in; depending on your interest level of involvement, you can be the reason why someone lands a career guiding internship.”  

The members of SAB commonly refer to the organization as a “family” who all deeply care for the success of one another.  

"As president, my biggest challenge is a good challenge; it is constantly finding ways to provide value to members and students in our CBA," Formosa said.  

His passion lies in bringing students together, creating student-alumni relationships, and offering valuable experiences through networking, workshops and speaker events. Kalaj emphasizes the reciprocal relationship between involvement and value, highlighting how decisions today impact future circumstances.  

“The people I have met, who have introduced me to others, and then a network connection later direct me to a more positive future has truly changed my college experience,” Kalaj said.. 

The Student Advisory Board at the University of Detroit Mercy College of Business Administration is not just any organization; it’s a thriving community providing valuable experiences, fostering unity and shaping the future of its members. Through devoted leadership, community inclusivity and purpose-driven initiatives, SAB has become a cornerstone in the college experience for countless students in the CBA. While the organization grows and evolves, SAB stands as a testament to the power of collaboration, mentorship and a shared vision for success.