OPINION: ‘Mean Girls’ has its moments but reviews are mixed

Mean Girls fans are ecstatic about the newest film that came out this January. This film is a 2024 American musical and teen comedy film starring Agnourie Rice, Reneé Rapp, Alui’i Cravalho and Christopher Briney and is produced by Lorne Micheals and Tina Fey.  

The film premiered on Jan. 8 in New York and was released around the United States on Jan 12. This film has racked up about $97 million in gross sales around the world. But not everyone agrees that this is how the remake should have gone.  

During the film, the plot remains somewhat similar to the original Mean Girls from 2004. Angourie Rice, who plays Cady Heron, transfers to her first public school after being homeschooled for her whole life in Kenya. There, she meets her first friends, Janis Ian and Damian Hubbard.  

During this time, Cady gets the rundown about all of the different cliques throughout the school. The group that she is most warned about is the “Plastics. This group consists of the three most popular girls in school: Gretchen Wieners, Karen Shetty and Regina George.  

Cady is invited to sit with the “Plastics” at lunch and Janis finds this as the perfect opportunity to scrub up more dirt on her nemesis Regina. Throughout the film Cady becomes more and more involved in the life of being a “Plastic” and by the end, becomes one. She begins writing in the famous “Burn Book,” which soon comes back to haunt her.  

Throughout the film, Cady attempts to plumet Reginas social status by tricking her into eating Kälteen Bars, which make you gain weight, and throws a house party, which Regina was not invited to. All the while Cady becomes attracted to Reginas ex-boyfriend, Aaron Samuels. 

Though everything may seem similar to the unforgettable 2004 film, fans do not agree with the layout of the movie. The 2024 film received 2.2 stars out of five on Google reviews and 70% Rotten Tomatoes.  

One reviews states, “Mean Girls 2024 didn’t come close to what the 2004 movie was. They skipped over important scenes such as Regina getting hit by a bus.” “The acting was so bad, and it felt as though the characters were speed reading through the script rather than convincing us it’s their actual personal thoughts.” 

Others say differently about what they thought of the film, writing, “A perfect mix between the 2004 film and stage musical! Mixed with contemporary musical adaptations, cinematography and choreography.” 

Even though every film receives mixed reviews, I also do not agree with the musical aspect of the film. It does not represent at all what the film is about and threw me for a loop when I saw the movie as well. I did, however, like the actresses and actors that were chosen for the movie, but the acting done by them was not superior.  

With all the mixed reviews, the film gained a significant amount of popularity, and it has become a very successful and highly watched movie to start off 2024.