Detroit Mercy dance team a dynamic campus presence

Standing in the strong spirited walls of Detroit Mercy’s Calihan Hall, where the resounding echoes of basketball bounces and buzzers in the Horizon League chirp, there exists a bold collective group of students whose artistry and dedication to dance grace the court with every game. The Detroit Mercy Dance Team captivates audiences with its dynamic routines and unwavering commitment to its craft.  

Embodying the essence of leadership, dance captain Natalie Kenny and fitness captain Morgan Giordano contribute to help guide their teammates with determination, grit and perseverance to transform their bodies and movements into the shared passions of art and performance. 

“I first became involved with the dance team because I have been a competitive dancer since I was one and I wanted to continue my journey of dancing,” said Giordano, reflecting on her dedication to the team.  

Her commitment to the team’s growth is vital, as she emphasizes the importance of the experiences and training that have helped her grow as a dancer. 

Kenny sheds light on her leadership role within the team.  

“As the dance captain, I am responsible for making and teaching choreography performed at halftime shows for men’s and women’s basketball games,” Kenny said 

Her dedication to ensuring that all dancers feel confident and prepared is evident, as she navigates the challenges of managing differing preferences and opinions among team members. 

Another member gave her perspective on the dance team after joining to be a member after being a devoted dancer for her whole life. Olivia Westphal had a broader view on her goals and cites the main fuel for her passion of being on the dance team.  

“I aim to improve as a dancer,” Westphal said, “and foster stronger bonds within the team due to the immense support we share.”  

Her aspirations reflect a deeper desire for personal growth and camaraderie, echoing the ethos of unity and excellence embodied by the dance team. 

In addition to its performances, the Detroit Mercy Dance Team is gearing up for tryouts in May, with the goal of expanding its family and welcoming new members who share their passion for dance. Its strong online presence serves as a testament to its commitment to showcasing its talent and connecting with supporters near and far.