OPINION: ‘Henry Sugar’ a mystical ride for audiences

“The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar and Three More” is a captivating and interesting movie based on the life of Henry Sugar. Told through film adaptations of Ronald Dahl’s intriguing short story collection, the film, which is directed by the visionary filmmaker Wed Anderson, is a cinematic masterpiece that contains a great balance of fantasy and heartfelt storytelling that takes the viewer into a world of magic and wonder.  

From the jump the film enlightens us on this man with the name Henry Sugar, described as a very rich man that only wants to become richer. He is a man so selfish that he would rather have more money than a wife of his own. He has no family, and is just someone with incredible determination, as he embarks on a journey to help achieve a way to make himself a fortune.  

At the heart of the film is Henry Sugar who is played by the talented and amazing actor Benedict Cumberbatch. Henry, who at this point in time is a disillusioned young man living a tail chase life in his Ferrari, finds himself in a library with his hands on this thin book almost teasing him as it poked out on the shelf. This book that told a story of achievable supernatural powers will be the start of an adventure that will change Henry Sugars life. Henry, shortly after opening this book, begins a journey of self-discovery that leads him to Three More, a secluded community filled with individuals who have mastered these extraordinary powers. 

This film unfolds almost like a fairy tale. Anderson captivates with his signature visual style and quirky humor, which adds to its charm. Three More is portrayed as a magical place filled with lush greenery and quirky inhabitants. Throughout the entire film, from frame to frame, it gives the viewer a sense of magic almost unable to wait to see what will happen next. It gives the viewers a deep dive into many stories filled with supernatural powers, gambling and magic. 

As Henry delves deeper into the teachings of Three More, he finds himself with these abilities that are second to none. He is able to see without using his eyes.,while at the same time being able to hyper focus and see through things. So much so he is able to see a blood clot move by nearly a millimeter in his artery. This power, which is quite extraordinary, allows him to embark on this journey around the world taking money from casinos and fulfilling a higher morale decision by building hospitals and orphanages for the less fortunate. He and his two-man army (his receptionist) for years earn more than $500 million put to these causes.  

The film’s themes of self-discovery, redemption and the power of belief are universal and resonate deeply with viewers. As Henry learns to harness his newfound abilities and navigate the complexities of life in Three More, he undergoes a profound transformation that is both inspiring and moving to witness. 

In all, this was a wonderful film that may not be for everyone but tells a wonderful story for all ages. The touch of the supernatural almost has viewers eager to explore and figure out for themselves how these things were possibly achieved. Anderson has been able to tell this story on an exceptional level.