UDM Student Advisory Board president stepping down

Formosa (far left) is stepping down from his SAB role.

Student Advisory Board president Mark Formosa is stepping down.  

When Formosa came to campus in Fall 2021, he and other freshmen in his class inherited a post pandemic slump experience, as there wasn’t much to do on campus. This did not phase Formosa though and he looked to make his own luck on Six and Liv, getting involved in a variety of ways immediately.  

He excelled in the classroom, and in the campus political sphere, rising to Student Government Association President by the end of his freshman year. This wouldn’t be the end of trying his luck in different avenues, as Formosa, who is also a brother in Sigma Pi Fraternity on campus, was introduced to the Student Advisory Board. The organization, which serves as a “liaison between the college of business administration student body and the faculty and alumni” in Formosa’s words, had been on campus for years but was only at four members when he was introduced to it.  

Two years later, thanks to the efforts of Formosa’s leadership and his diligent executive board, the organization has almost 30 members. Formosa, a 20-year-old Grosse Ile native who is up for reelection for SGA soon, declined to take sole credit for SAB’s success and rather reflected on the impact the organization can have for kids.  

“If a student comes here and they join SAB, you go to a meeting and when you walk out and then you have a class with somebody that you know is in SAB, it just makes it so much easier to go up to them, approach them, sit next to each other, want to work with each other whatever it is,” Formosa said. Doing different things can give you different perspectives, like my fraternity brothers for example. They helped me grow by calling me out when I’m wrong and I make a mistake. They’re real and open with me and it’s given me a new passion for life. This is something SAB has done for me too and can do for anyone who joins.”  

This day-to-day community that SAB helps establish in the business school is a representation of the Detroit Mercy experience when utilized to its full potential. Little things like these across the board make a student body strong, something Formosa said is extremely important for campus life.  

Adding his admiration for the opportunities UDM has given him, Formosa said, “I just love this place, and I’ve loved it a lot for the fact that it helped me find me.”