Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority brings sisterhood to Detroit Mercy

The Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority (AKA) chapter at the University of Detroit Mercy is more than just a Greek organization. It’s a sisterhood dedicated to service, community and lifelong connections. Lauren Winters andNatasha Mickles are proud members of AKA at UDM, sharing their insights into why they joined the sorority and what makes the experience so meaningful. 

There are main reasons as to why I decided to join the sorority,” Winters said One being the community service aspect. This sorority is all about giving service to all mankind and with being a social work major I felt like this would be a great opportunity for me to expand my community service and give back on a bigger platform. 

For Winters, the community service aspect of AKA was a major draw. As a social work major, she saw joining the sorority as an opportunity to amplify her impact and contribute to meaningful causes on a larger scale. AKA’s commitment to service aligns perfectly with her passion for helping others and making a difference in the community. 

Mickles also had great things to say about why she joined. = 

“The reason I joined AKA is because I was really inspired by a lot of the members that I had observed, especially in careers adjacent to my own goals, which is to be a lawyer,” Mickles said. For example, it was inspiring to see the first woman in the white house was an AKA as well as the first Black woman on the Michigan Supreme Court” 

The vast number of successful women that have come from the AKA organization continues to grow as every year more and more people pledge. For UDM being a prestigious school, all members have ambitions of doing great things. 

“This sorority is all about sisterhood and building relationships with one another,” Winters said. Growing up with two sisters, I was already exposed to the sisterhood aspect, but knowing that I would be able to have sisters all over the world in which I could lean on them and vice versa at any time, that is something that I admired. 

The sisterhood within AKA is a bond that extends far beyond the campus walls. It’s a global network of women who support and uplift each other, no matter where they are in the world. 

“The networking opportunity is huge,” Winter said. I believe that in life networking is a key aspect. With that being said, having sisters in the organization that are in many different fields and have gone through different adventures through life, I knew that I would be able to connect and grow within my life. 

AKA at UDM provides invaluable networking opportunities for its members. With sisters from diverse backgrounds and professions, AKA offers a platform for personal and professional growth. Whether it’s career advice, mentorship or simply connecting with like-minded individuals, AKA provides a supportive network for its members to thrive.