OPINION: ‘Rainbow Six Siege’ growing in popularity in 2024

Move over, “Fortnite,” “Rainbow Six Siege” is here to stay, and it’s reclaiming its throne as the ultimate battle video game. As the game enters its ninth year, “Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege” video game’s resurgence is nothing more than remarkable. 

Since the price of the game has dropped, more players are drawn back into the game’s intense battles, which test all your gaming skills in one video game.  

“Rainbow Siege” had a rocky start with early bugs and issue that plagued the game. Designed by Ubisoft, the game was released in 2016 for $59.99. Its unique blend of environmental destruction and strategic gameplay still managed to amass a dedicated audience. 

Over the years, Ubisoft has continued to improve the experience. Making necessary tweaks, game play enhancements, and consistent content updates has transformed the game into a fine-tuned tactical masterpiece.  

The video game “Fortnite” developed by Epic Games started off this online trend of playing team battle games. You can invite a group of friends to join your team or compete against them. This social aspect of video gaming enhanced the overall experience by being able to talk through your strategy or just joke around with your friends.  

Since “Fortnite” was free to play, it started to build in popularity. Whether you’re on a PC, console or mobile device, it did not cost you a dime to play. The game was a global phenomenon drawing in a massive player base. I do not believe that “Rainbow Siege” would have grown to its status without “Fortnite” leading the way. 

Over the past year, the price of “Rainbow Siege” has dropped considerably, now only costing $6.99 for the entire game with all the maps. As of today, Ubisoft says the “Rainbow Siege” has generated over $1.1 billion in sales. With the price drop and the resurgence of team battle games that “Fortnite” created, “Rainbow Siege” is now booming in popularity. The recent peak of over 201,000 concurrent players on the platform speaks volumes. 

 “Rainbow Siege” isn’t just a game; it is a tactical battle between two teams of five where each player chooses an operator character to go into battle. As you gain progress and experience in the game, your operator levels improve, giving you more power. There are 71 different operators to choose from between attacking and defending. Each operator has a different skill set and your team needs to build a group of operators to go into each battle.  

There are currently 24 maps to play, each has its own layout, destructible elements and unique game strategies. Players need to be familiar with each map otherwise they do not stand a chance in the battles. There are several different game modes you can play: solo, multiplayer and limited-time special events. 

Whether you are playing with family, friends or even strangers, “Rainbow Siege” requires teamwork and communication. With this social aspect and tactical strategizing, “Rainbow Siege” is the ultimate video game experience. 

Its popularity will continue to grow as the creators at Ubisoft continue to enhance and improve each update of the game.