Seniors reflect on time at UDM ahead of graduation

With the 2024 academic year coming to a close and commencement right around the corner, we bid farewell and pay tribute to our graduates, who we asked to recount and recall their experience at the University of Detroit Mercy. 

From everyone at The VN, we wish you the best of luck in your next endeavors! The quotes may have been edited for clarity. 

Jana Dakroub, Biology major 

“My experience at UDM for the past four years has been great, and I feel like I’ve learned so much since my freshman year. However, the best part of being at this university has been meeting all the kind and wonderful people that really made me feel like I belonged!” 

Bushra Fawaz, Architecture major 

“My time at UDM was truly memorable, especially in the School of Architecture & Community Development (SACD). The architecture building is a place for collaboration and a strong sense of community, which makes it welcoming and enriching. The relationships I created here and experiences like the study abroad program will be treasured the most. They’ve had a significant impact on shaping my perspective. Although I became involved with the Muslim Student Association (MSA) at UDM late, it was a cherished chapter, helping me hold my religious values throughout my time at school.” 

Fadi Koria, Biology major  

“I would describe my college experience as buying a brand-new plane without a pilot. Throughout my four years at UDM, each professor has trained and guided me with the skills needed to confidently pilot this plane. Ultimately, my experience at UDM has allowed me to soar as far and as high as I desire and as I embark on new journeys, I’ll be flying this aircraft worldwide, accompanied by passengers (colleagues) that I’ve met during my time at UDM. In addition, UDM will serve as the permanent hangar for my plane, ensuring it remains grounded in my memories forever.” 

Phebi Lee, Chemistry major 

“During my three years at the University of Detroit Mercy, I was able to meet so many amazing and wonderful people who I was able to learn so much from. All the activities, events and classes that I participated in with my friends, and the support and advice that I’ve got from great professors and staff brightened and made my experience here at UDM memorable. That is what I think I will remember the most about all the precious people that I’ve met at UDM.” 

Ryan Lemke, Architecture major 

“The thing I’ll remember most and carry with me throughout my career will be the community and relationships, primarily within the School of Architecture & Community Development (SACD). The SACD has allowed me to meet some of my closest friends and professional connections. These relationships will not only prove to be beneficial in my professional career but also in my personal life. The people who have shared the same experiences over the past four years will always hold a special place in my life and remind me of the amazing time I had at the University of Detroit Mercy.” 

Adriana Molina, Biology major 

“My experience at UDM has not been easy, but it has made me into the most resilient version of myself. As the first in my family to attend a university, there was a lot I had to learn and very few people here understood that which made the few professors who took the extra time to help me all the more valuable. Being here has taught me how tough of a person I am; I feel confident that I can handle anything thrown my way.” 

Jada Moorehead, Communication Studies major 

“My experience at UDM was a short and quick two years, but a good way to end my academic career. I’ll always remember how my professors were welcoming and helpful and the good memories I shared with them. Also, I’ll never forget my teammates and coaches; I had the best memories in Calihan Hall.” 

Jennifer Raptoplous, Communication Studies and Philosophy major 

“The University of Detroit Mercy has changed my life. It sounds cliche – I am not being paid to say that – but it is true! I have developed not only an academic education but also a better understanding of my purpose and role in the world. I will miss the wonderful people I met here!” 

Stella Rodriguez, Biology major 

“They say good things come in small packages and that sums up what Detroit Mercy is to me. The small class sizes make it easier to learn, I’m always saying “hi” to someone in the library, my professors know me by name and want me to succeed, I always have friends in my classes, every building is only a 5-minute walk away on our small campus – and I love that. Being a part of the community that Detroit Mercy immerses you in was my favorite part of being here. The more involved I became on campus, the more friends and memories I made. In fact, being in ReBUILDetroit, Greek Life and being an orientation leader have been my favorite college experiences, and I will always cherish them.”