Lindsey Lammers: Lindsey the leader



Lindsey Lammers can be hard on herself.

She often tells her coach, "I’m terrible, coach, I’m terrible," according to women’s golf coach Terri Ryan.

As is the case with many great athletes, Lammers, a sophomore, holds herself to a higher standard than any coach, teammate, parent, sibling or friend ever could.

"She is her worst critic," said Ryan. "She has always been her worst

Suffice to say, Lammers’ results have been anything but terrible. She’s won two tournaments this fall and landed the top score on her squad in all four events.

Notable titles for Lammers this fall include first place finishes at the NIU Huskie Classic at Kishwaukee Country Club in DeKalb, Ill., as well as the Dayton Fall Invitational at the NCR Country Club in Kettering, Ohio.

In the Detroit Titan Fall Classic, Lammers took second.

A selfless standout, Lammers said her main goal is a Horizon League championship for Detroit, and she loves to help her teammates improve as she shares the wealth of knowledge that comes with a lifetime on the links.

These acts of leadership have not gone unnoticed by Titan freshman Jessica Mallender.

"Lindsey has helped me and my twin sister a lot," Mallender said. "My sister and I have only been golfing for a few years (both since age 15), so Lindsey will show us some things."

Jessica Mallender’s twin, Rebecca Mallender, echoes these sentiments.

"When we’re practicing and hitting balls, she will help with our alignment and give us some tips," she said.

Coach Ryan welcomed Lammers’ new role on the team this year.

"Lindsey has really developed into a leader," she said. "I don’t think you’ll ever find a closer team than the girls that I have. The upperclassmen are always willing to help some of our new golfers."

Starting at age 7, Lammers never imagined taking up any other sport besides golf.

"My whole family did it, so I kind of caught on," she said.

Lammers’ success on the links is a direct result of deeply rooted ties to the roots of her family tree.

"My dad (Mike) basically built my swing over the years," Lammers said. "My older brother Nathan has helped me a lot, too."

Mike Lammers is a golf coach, while Nathan played a year of college golf for Toledo and is currently competing in tournaments, trying to crack the ranks of the PGA.

With this many discerning eyes watching her shots, the chances are slim of developing bad habits.

"Being around the game for so long has helped me a lot," said Lammers. "If I’m ever not mentally there, or if there is a glitch in my swing, someone is always there to let me know."

Mike Lammers remembers, clear as a bell, where it all started.

"When I was building Nathan’s golf swing, she was tagging along all the time," he said. "Much by osmosis, she would tag along and learn that way. Anytime we went to the range, Lindsey was always there."

Mike Lammers has no problem revealing the man behind the curtain when it comes to his daughter’s game.

"I’m the architect of her swing," he said. "I gave her a good swing, and God gave her good gifts."

Mike Lammers said his daughter is following a long line of golfers.

"Our family has been golfing for decades," he said. "It used to be that most of the women didn’t, but they do now."

Lammers has three uncles, Jerry, Terry and Larry, who all pursued the game.

Jerry "qualified for the Buick Open at the age of 16, and was the youngest qualifier ever, at that time. Jerry went on to the University of Arkansas on a golf scholarship. My other brother, Terry, actually golfed at Stanford with (PGA Legend) Tom Watson. Terry chose academics and ended up going on through law school, and then you also have Larry who was good. So Terry, Jerry and Larry," laughed Mike Lammers.

He feels that the game may be more than a hobby for his daughter, but perhaps a calling, even a profession.

"It all comes down to the question: Where’s her passion? Is it sitting in an office? No. It’s on the course," he said. "In golf it’s just you and the white ball, which is a metaphor for life. Golf is the hardest game to learn, and it’s the epitome of emotional and mental control. Nobody (in the family) made it to the professional ranks for one reason or another.

"Everyone is kind of counting on Lindsey to make the LPGA, and I believe she can do it."