Author: David Foreman

Faculty profiles

Edwin DeWindt: Music to his ears

UDM history Prof. Edwin DeWindt loves music. However, it's probably not what you were jamming out to on your way to campus this morning. "My interest in musical theatre runs the gamut," Dewindt said. "Lately I've been listening to Mozart, Wagner and Philosophy Prof. Beth Oljar recalls a story Dewindt […]

Faculty profiles

Jeffery Boats: Professor curls in spare time

Dr. Jeffery Boats is the department chair for mathematics and computer science at UDM. You might assume he spends his evenings and weekends crunching numbers and discussing theorems. You'd be wrong. Boats, an avid adult baseball player who loves to participate in athletics, has one of the more interesting hobbies […]

Dick Vitale Archive

December 2011: What happens after Vitale buzz?

What's on your Christmas list this year? An Ipad? Laptop? Maybe a pony? Fans of NBA basketball are sure to get exactly what they are looking for when their favorite players hit the hardwood once again on Christmas day. There will be five games, including marquee matchups such as Derrick […]

Classic Sports Features

Lindsey Lammers: Lindsey the leader

Lindsey Lammers can be hard on herself. She often tells her coach, "I’m terrible, coach, I’m terrible," according to women’s golf coach Terri Ryan. As is the case with many great athletes, Lammers, a sophomore, holds herself to a higher standard than any coach, teammate, parent, sibling or […]