Dance team’s bonds go beyond court

Basketball season may be over, but the friendships formed by the Detroit Titans Dance Team continue.

The 10 members of the univer- sity’s 2021-22 dance team have bonds that stretch beyond the hard- wood floor of Calihan Hall.

One member, Lea Cook, decided to join after finding out a few of her friends from Spotlight Dance Works, a studio in Chesterfield

that offers numerous classes, were also on the team. Cook has been dancing for 16 years, and 12 of those have been with Spotlight. She’s a fourth-year Biology major, on track to pursue the pre-Physician Assistant program.

“I’m very close with the team, and all of us girls get along very well,” Cook said. “My favorite experience being on the team is standing on the sidelines with my friends during basketball games. I love dancing on the sidelines.”

During the season, the team prac– tices once a week for 3 hours. The relatively-relaxed schedule leaves

more room for academic priorities and personal activities, members say.

Molli Langolf, another biology major in the pre-PA program, decided to join because of the inseparable bond it builds. Langolf’s favorite

experience is practicing with the team before every game.

The freshman biology major is in her 17th year of dancing and feels that she has gotten very close with the team, and it has led her to be more involved with the school and its events.

A lot of time is spent together
as a team; the women cheer on the basketball players at every home
game, as well as at other events and activities.

Being involved with school events and sports is a great way to make quick friendships and build a support system. Trying out for the dance team requires a dance back- ground, but Head Coach Jocelyn Sinke encourages anyone who is interested to try out.

Natalie Kenny, a freshman criminal justice intelligence major, says the atmosphere on game days is unmatched and performing during game days is the highlight.

The team’s tryouts are typically held in July over the course of a
few hours, where individuals get to showcase their skills. The tryouts are

usually held inside Calihan Hall.