Author: Allie Falk


‘The slap’ stole the show, but was it all staged?

Will Smith’s infamous slap across Chris Rock’s face at this year’s Os- cars ceremony has been an eye-widening topic. So, what really happened at history’s most memorable Oscars ceremony, anyway? Rock, a longtime comedian, unsurprisingly took a jab at one of the audience members; this time, it was Jada Pinkett Smith. […]


Dance team’s bonds go beyond court

Basketball season may be over, but the friendships formed by the Detroit Titans Dance Team continue. The 10 members of the univer- sity’s 2021-22 dance team have bonds that stretch beyond the hard- wood floor of Calihan Hall. One member, Lea Cook, decided to join after finding out a few of […]


COVID for Christmas: my experience

My older sister, Valerie Falk, was 24 when she suffered a cardiac arrest in May of 2019. A pefectly healthy individual, she was in a coma for quite some time. Doctors gave her a four percent chance of living. She eventually made it out alive with no brain injury, although […]


Greek life helps some students form friendships, organize time

The University of Detroit Mercy offers students the opportunity to pick from 11 sororities and fraternities, including Alpha Kappa Alpha, Alpha Phi Alpha and Kapa Beta Gamma. Being a part of a fraternity or sorority almost instantly brings about lifelong friends through a formed sisterhood or brotherhood. Giovanna DiMaria, a […]


A local guide to a perfect Valentine’s Day

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, finding the perfect place to spend time with your significant other might be a top priority, especially with coronavirus-related staffing shortages and social distancing rules. If you’re looking for a few spots near Detroit Mercy, consider the following: -Do you or your significant […]


Collections Resource Center makes for a unique day trip

During the excruciatingly cold Detroit winter days, museum visits are of interest as they provide a warm, indoor activity where you can experience new things and make room for your creative imagination. Aside from the well-known and heavily-visited Detroit Institute of Arts, the Henry Ford Museum, the Museum of Contemporary […]