Detroit Mercy Tri Sigma chapter sees big year ahead

Since its founding at the University of Detroit Mercy in 1952, Sigma Sigma Sigma continues to impact the lives of   young women both on and off campus. This year, Sigma Sigma Sigma has big plans for the upcoming recruitment season.

“At Detroit Mercy we do informal recruitment in the fall, and formal recruitment in the winter,” said Grace Cameron, Sigma Sigma Sigma’s head of recruitment. “Informal recruitment is a less structured version of recruitment and allows upperclassmen or students with enough credits to join sororities. Freshmen are able to attend, but are not able to join until their second semester.”

Cameron is extremely excited to do their informal recruitment, which is going to be the first week of October. There are three events planned for the potential new members. There will be sisterhood activities such as lawn games and socializing. There will also be a canvas painting information session for anyone to come and see if they are interested.

“As a whole Sigma Sigma Sigma is very excited to bring in new members and meet new people from around campus,” Cameron said.

Many of the girls in Sigma Sigma Sigma are extremely excited for this recruitment season, and encourage people to come to the recruitment events to see if they will also love Sigma Sigma Sigma as much as they do.

“Joining Sigma Sigma Sigma has been a significant part of my growth these past few years at Detroit Mercy,” said Erin Letourneau, president of Sigma Sigma Sigma. “I joined in order to make more connections on campus and because my personal values aligned with Sigma Sigma Sigma’s, but I have gained so much more than that. I have developed excellent leadership and communication skills that have come from my roles within the chapter. I also have truly met some of my biggest supporters, and friends that I know will be in my life forever.”

Within the sorority there are a wide variety of events that happen, and different ways to become connected to the other sisters of Sigma Sigma Sigma.

“One of my favorite things that we do are our fundraisers and sisterhood events,” Sigma Sigma Sigma member Savannah Solomon said. “They provide an opportunity for sisters to relax and get to know each other better.”

Sigma Sigma Sigma’s philanthropy effort is March of Dimes, whose main mission is to fight for the health of moms and babies. The organization promots research and advocacy for premature babies, birth defects, and childhood diseases, along with funding educational services for parents.