Author: Wilhelmina Schultz


Club sports thriving at Detroit Mercy

Club sports have long been a staple at the University of Detroit Mercy. They have not been utilized to their fullest capacity, though.  The club sports Detroit Mercy have been competitive and for social play. There are also sports clubs that are co-ed and sports clubs that offer year-round activities […]


OPINION: Expensive coffee can cause students issues

College students are no strangers to the strong need for a caffeine fix to power through endless lectures, assignments and late-night study sessions. Starbucks has become a staple for students at the University of Detroit Mercy. However, there has been talk about the increase in prices compared to a regular […]


Creative Writing Club an insipring place for students

Recently, there has been a new club gaining popularity called the Creative Writing Club. This organization allows students to connect with each other through their writing and obtain unique perspectives and advice from their peers. It also gives students an opportunity to express themselves more fully to others through their […]


Active shooter training gives UDM students CBS spotlight

University of Detroit Mercy had nursing students participate in an active shooter training at Oakland Community College in October. The training aired as part of CBS local news. One of the University’s clinical faculty that works at Trinity Hospital did this training through Trinity Hospital pre-Covid. The faculty reached out […]


Campus ready as COVID cases rise across the country

COVID is again an issue this Fall. There have been many different ways that colleges have started to prepare for this. Some being major changes, and others being minor, or none at all. The University of Detroit Mercy has noticed this rise. “The first thing the University is doing is […]