Creative Writing Club an insipring place for students

Recently, there has been a new club gaining popularity called the Creative Writing Club. This organization allows students to connect with each other through their writing and obtain unique perspectives and advice from their peers. It also gives students an opportunity to express themselves more fully to others through their writing.

Creative writing allows people to develop their own unique voice and share perspective without limitations, expressing how a person feels about the worlds inside and outside of their head. The Creative Writing Club helps students from all different backgrounds learn from each other and can help each other grow creatively.

“Our biggest goal for this organization is to cultivate creativity in Detroit Mercy students through peer workshops, writing games, and other fun activities,” said Devin Mangru, senior and vice president of the Creative Writing Club.

It was founded by Cari Gamlin and Erin Letourneau with the help of their faculty advisor Rosemary Weatherson and Poet-in-Residence Stacy Gnall.

“While being in the Creative Writing Club it has helped me expand my writing in ways I did not think was possible,” Letourneau said. “My creativity has sky-rocketed and I have learned new ways of self-expression.”

Creative writing is able to help expand a person’s communication skills, which can help in job success. It can also lead to strong thinking and empathy. By writing and reading in a creative way it can help a person situate themselves into a person’s shoes.

“I recommended students of all majors to join, even for one session, to expand the thought process when writing in different ways,” Letourneau said.

Some new things the Creative Writing Club is having is a display in the new poetry kiosk starting Nov. 30 all the way through December. They also plan to host a poetry slam during the Winter semester.

“Creative Writing Club is an engaging and inspiring space,” said Jennifer Raptoplous, a member of the Creative Writing Club. “I love writing, but I really only write in professional or academic styles. Creating a writing club has helped me restore an artistic flow in my work.”

The Creative Writing Club is a student organization that is a little different than the Detroit Mercy Creative Writing Collective. The Creative Writing Club only consists of students, while the Detroit Mercy Creative Writing Collective consists of students, faculty, alumni and staff.

“I want to improve my creative writing by being in this organization, and I believe that the best way to do that is to keep practicing your writing,” Mangru said. “I think this organization is the perfect place to practice writing in a comfortable and judgment-free environment.”

This organization also can help students connect with their peers in a safe space. They are able to show their specific style of writing and also receive inspiration from other students.

At this point the Creative Writing club will continue having their bi-weekly meetings and workshops on Wednesday nights at 6:30 p.m.