OPINION: Toronto is a great place to visit

Over the summer, I was able to travel to many different cities, including but not limited to Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin; Alton, Virginia; Raleigh, North Carolina; Tampa Bay and St. Petersburg, Florida; and Toronto, Canada. The most significant trip for me however was my trip to Toronto. I have many family members in Canada, and I had never been to Toronto before. I have traveled to Canada a handful of times, but only to see family, not for vacation. 

My trip to Toronto was a great experience. I went in early August with my girlfriend. We stayed in a hotel about 10 minutes away from the city's heart. We arrived on a Thursday night, and we spent three days there. We spent as much time in the city as we could, and we tried to see as many attractions as we could.

Our first day there was one of the busiest days we had. The first thing we did was we went to the Hockey Hall of Fame. There were many different sections in the museum. One of them was filled with different cases that had player jerseys, equipment and other things. Another section had different goalie masks from different eras. 

My favorite section was the section that had different cups, trophies and rings. I was able to stand next to the Stanley Cup as well as all of the rings from every Stanley Cup champion. The only criticism that I have is that the museum store had jerseys for every team to purchase, but they did not have Detroit Red Wings jerseys.

On the first day, we also went to a multistory library, the Illusions Museum, and went to CN Tower. The library was incredibly cool. It was inside of an underground mall and took up two stories in the building. The Illusions Museum was smaller than expected, but neither of us had been to any illusion museum before. We spent maybe 20 minutes, but I would recommend it to someone visiting the city. 

The last thing we did on our first day was go to a bar and get an appetizer and drinks, before going to the Toronto Blue Jays game. We both enjoy watching baseball so we had a great time at the stadium. The stadium had a great view and was very clean and easy to navigate. 

Our second and third days weren't as eventful but still were enjoyable. We spent the day shopping and checking out the local scene, as well as going to different restaurants. On our final day, we got breakfast and left the city to go to the outlet malls that were 45 minutes outside of the city. They were the same ones that we have in Birch Run here in Michigan. It was a few full days, and by the end of the trip, we were both extremely tired. 

Overall, the city of Toronto was extremely fun to visit. It was easy to navigate, clean and full of different attractions and places to visit. I would definitely recommend people visit it as some point in their lifetime.