Fall demolition complete for Fisher Administration Center; future unclear

This past semester the Fisher building completed its demolition. There was a multitude of reasons for the demolition, from no handicap accessible restrooms, to the main plumbing drain lines rotting out. The fivestory building only having one elevator resulted in major inconveniences when down for service or repairs.  

In the 1960s, the University decided that it was time for a building where all the administrative staff were able to work in a space together, where the Fisher building was built. Before this building they were spread across all over campus.  

With all these issues and more being a factor in the building for many years, it ended up not being cost effective to repair all the issues in the building. There was nothing that wished to be changed in the process of this demolition.  

Tamara Batcheller, Associate Vice President of Facilities Management & Campus Services Division said, “The building was built with a cast in place concrete structure with an extreme amount of steel rod reinforcement.”  

The demolition process took longer than expected, but other than that the process went smoothly. There have been no regrets from the individuals that occupied that building or from the ones that maintained it.  

There have been several ideas being discussed about what would be in place of the Fisher building, but nothing has been selected at this point. It will remain a green space at this time.  

In warmer weather it will be a relaxing area to sit outside and enjoy the nice weather.  

“I would enjoy a space that can be used and enjoyed by the students,” Batcheller said. Hamilton Anderson, the architect for the Student Union renovation, designed the building to be viewed from the street.” 

Students at the university have some thoughts on what they would like to see in that space in the future.  

“I would like to see more food options, more places to study, or more quiet areas,” junior Eden Barah said. 

Others would like to see it used for athletics. 

“As a member of the golf team, I would like to see a golf facility, or something more golf related,” freshman Cole Hostetler said 

The removal of Fisher may facilitate a nicer entrance from Livernois at some point in the future. Any work at the entrance would be a separate project and nothing has been approved at this time.