Men’s high jumper reaching new heights

Student athlete Cody Bartlett won the men’s high jump event in Akron, Ohio, during the University of Detroit Mercy’s track and field competition on Feb 2. 

This achievement is a result of Cody’s dedication and passion for jumping, which began in the 7th grade when he joined the track and field team in middle school.  

Bartlett knew that he wanted to be a Titan here at the University of Detroit Mercy since his sophomore year of high school.  

“The coaches I met at the time left a good impression on me about the team and campus,” Bartlett said. “From that moment I knew that this was the place I wanted to go to for school.” 

On campus, Bartlett is a criminal justice major. He enjoys being both a student and an athlete. The Criminal Intelligence Club is a new club on campus that he is excited to see grow in the upcoming years. 

When asked what motivates Cody to continue pursuing his athletic endeavors, it’s his “personal love of competition and enjoyment of sports” he explained. Having this passion for so many years has been something he feels fortunate to have as a constant in his life.  

 “The unique thing about my event is that it is a solely individual thing,” Bartlett said. “I am constantly in competition with myself trying to beat my personal record, know that everything I do falls back on me.” 

During the meet in Akron, he did just that. He beat his personal record by jumping a 1.90 which is about a 6’2 ¾” jump. 

Bartlett said that the meet started out normally, just like any other day. He never had the expectation to win but doing so felt like a great achievement for him.  

He said, “I wouldn’t have been able to do that years ago. It was a testament to how much training has helped me grow as an athlete.” 

Regarding the mindset that goes into Bartlett’s athletics, he has gratitude for many factors. He particularly enjoys having a multitude of coaches to get feedback from on how he can improve. Having personal values of hard work, determination and always coming prepared are things that he attributes to his successes.  

However, the most important aspect that Cody explained “was learning how much of a mental aspect it was.” Once he was able to grasp that concept it was something that greatly improved many of his jumps.  

Bartlett’s teammates and coaches commend his friendly and supportive attitude on and off the field. Bartlett can often be seen cheering on the side for his teammates in all races and events. Being a supportive part of the team is something that he hopes makes an impact on his teammates. 

Connor Joyce, a fellow teammate and student-athlete at the University of Detroit Mercy, had great things to share about his teammate.  

“Cody is always there to support you in whatever you are competing in, whether it’s long-distance or sprints” Joyce said. “He interacts with everyone, and always tries to be supportive and outgoing.”  

When off the field and out of class Bartlett spends much of his time hanging out with his friends and playing a lot of video games. He also likes to catch up on the latest anime he is watching.  

Bartlett’s recent achievements display his drive and leadership capabilities as a University of Detroit Mercy Titan.