OPINION: Gun control a complex issue in United States

A couple days ago, I was reading an article on the rate and the impact of the violence that comes with robbery, car stealing and even killing in rich and wealthy neighborhoods in the United States. One of the main things that was being talked about was the resolutions and decisions that needed to be taken in order for that rate to drastically go down. The different consequences and sanctions that come with these kinds of crimes were being discussed, saying that the justice system had to be stricter, giving way bigger fines or longer jail sentences to force criminals to stop the violence.  

Another fact that was being discussed that I want to talk about and give my opinion about was the gun law and control. Should the government be looser in the process of getting a gun license and encourage people to get their license and a gun to be more secure and have better ways to defend and protect themselves? Or should it get stricter like other countries like France where it is impossible to get a gun license and buy a gun the legal way unless you are a police officer to eliminate the access to guns to the population?  

My take on that is balance between both options. Indeed, a part of me believes that it is not smart to try to resolve a violent issue by giving out easier ways for people to have access to weapons, which have purpose to hurt. Indeed, by giving people the right to get a gun and use it for protection I believe that it will cause more violence and create chaos. I do not totally believe that a population should do justice and protect themselves by themselves because that is what authorities are made for.  

On the other side, for a country like the United States where guns are almost a part of its culture where multiple people and households already owned weapons and a license for it whether it is legal or not, I believe that it might too late to try to make restrictions on the access to weapons and the right to use them in given situations. What could the government potentially tell people that already own their weapons?  To turn them back? It is indeed hard for me to see that happening.  

I also believe that by loosening up the gun laws it is taking more risks for people to get access to weapons with the wrong intentions or people with mental illness to hurt themselves or others.  

This is definitely a sensitive topic that will need to be discussed and analyzed by specialists. The main focus is to protect the population and find ways to lower the killing and different other crimes rate ongoing in the country.