Author: Alex Tchikou


OPINION: Gun control a complex issue in United States

A couple days ago, I was reading an article on the rate and the impact of the violence that comes with robbery, car stealing and even killing in rich and wealthy neighborhoods in the United States. One of the main things that was being talked about was the resolutions and […]


OPINION: Racism experiences across my world travels

An important and sensitive topic that has been ongoing all over the word and talked about nonstop for a long time is racism. Indeed, every continent has faced and experienced in some ways some form of racism, and you can find it in all kinds of domains. Mostly it is […]


OPINION: ‘BMF’ a local show worth watching

Black mafia family, most known as “BMF,” is a TV series that was created back in 2021 by Randy Huggins and sponsored by the famous artist, rapper and actor 50 Cent. This series is inspired from a true story, which makes it more interesting and intriguing to watch.  “BMF” is […]