Author: Isabella Filary


Bolden breaks barriers on state Supreme Court

In recent years, the term “unprecedented” has frequently been used in regard to the judicial and political landscape in America, from elections and protests to indictments and court rulings. Add Michigan Supreme Court Justice – and Detroit Mercy School of Law graduate – Kyra Harris Bolden to that list. Earlier this […]


Author encourages maintaining ‘inner personal library’ of meaningful works

Douglas Murray, an author, reporter and contributor at The Free Press, an online investigative journalism site, introduced a new series recently: “Things Worth Remem- bering.” As always, supporting independent and/or small journalism is a good thing. For Murray’s series, particularly, the reaped benefits are tenfold. His overarching theme is the importance […]


Faith, religion play key roles before and after tragedies

ldquo;F*** your thoughts and prayers,” Michigan Representative Ranjeev Puri tweeted in the wake of the Michigan State University shooting. The sentiment was echoed by other lawmakers and repeated verbatim by citizens across the country. In recent years, there has been a promotion of the idea that well-intended words of condolence and […]


UDM students feel effects of high inflation

Inflation continues to be a major issue for people across the U.S., including at the University of Detroit Mercy. The prices of everything from eggs to raw materials have risen over the past year. Although the rate of increase has cooled, and some relief for Michiganders could be coming in the […]


Not My Fault hopes to raise awareness about sexual assault

The organization recently held a "Cookies & Convos" meet-and-greet, according to its Instagram page. Not My Fault, founded by senior Aasiyah Khan, a developmental psychology major, is an organization that focuses on raising awareness about sexual assault. The group shares information regarding resources for victims and preventative measures for communities. […]


New DE&I Director hopes to foster community across campus

Kristin Johnston was named UDM's first director of the Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion last year. Kristin Johnston, Detroit Mercy’s first director of the newly-created Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, says she plans to use her role to foster community and inclusivity among everyone on campus. “I want […]