Author: Joe MacLean

Classic Sports Features

1962 football team: Fighting back

Paul McLaughlin was frustrated and angry: He was upset and had had enough. So he cocked back his fist and drove it into the chin of a Memphis State defender. McLaughlin’s punch set off a chain reaction. Immediately, both benches spilled onto the field.  For the next five […]

Alum profiles

David Byrne credits UDM for success

At age 9, David Byrne separated himself from other kids. While most his age only worried about having fun, Byrne was helping provide for his single-parent household by working multiple jobs. The extra work helped him develop determination, he said. Byrne applied that determination to every aspect of his life, […]

Classic Sports Features

Elena Strakhova: From Russia with love

Figuring out your future in three months is tough, but the way Elena Strakhova did it is pretty close to a miracle.  Strakhova is from Zarechny, Russia, a small city of 70,000 citizens. In May 2010, she did not believe she would be going to college. By August, she was […]