Author: Joshua Johnson


Self-defense class teaches students how to protect from threats

Self-defense is important and can take on many forms: a punch, a kick, or even just a word. All these things were taught earlier this month at a “Take Action” self-defense class held inside the fitness center. Tanya Panizzo taught the lesson. She is the creator of Fighting Spirit Personal Safety, a […]


Anime Club has fun watching shows, playing video games

ldquo;I have the power of God and anime on my side.” A quote from an old Vine clip serves as the motto of Detroit Mercy’s Anime Club. The group, which celebrates all things related to the Japanese style of animated shows and movies, holds numerous events throughout the year on campus. The […]


New movie a worthy addition to long-running anime series

ldquo;Dragon Ball Super: Superhero” is an animated movie directed by Tetsuro Kodama based off a popular anime series. The film was initially released in Japan on June 11 and was released worldwide a few months later. The script was written by series creator, Akira Toriyama. In the movie, the evil Red Ribbon […]