Author: Curtis Pulliam

President Garibaldi Archive

September 2011: Students find new president outgoing

Down-to-earth, friendly, humble, passionate and genuine – those are among the characteristics used to describe UDM President Antoine Garibaldi by students who have met him. Garibaldi, who at his previous university reportedly learned the name of every student, has been meeting regularly with UDM students, introducing himself randomly on campus. […]

Alum profiles

Thaddeus McCotter drops bid to become nation’s president

Congressman Thaddeus McCotter – an alumnus of the university – abandoned his two-month-old campaign to become U.S. president Thursday. An eight-year congressman from Livonia, McCotter was among the candidates seeking the Republican nomination to challenge President Barack Obama in 2012. McCotter, who earned bachelor and law degrees from the university, […]

Alum profiles

Yasmine Jaffri: A director comes home

Yasmine Jaffri is not new to theatre – or to UDM, for that matter. Jaffri is, however, directing her first play at UDM as a theatre professional. "It is a true homecoming for me," Jaffri said. "Eleemosynary" opens on Friday, Sept. 30, and Jaffri said that she has high hopes […]

Classic Sports Features

Remembering Charlie

At 7 a.m.on Aug. 18, Abby McCollum was on the soccer field. The sophomore stretched her long, 5-foot-11 frame, loosening her muscles in the cold morning air. Practice was starting. The routine was nothing new; she had played the game since age four. She is a McCollum, after all. And […]

Alum profiles

David Byrne credits UDM for success

At age 9, David Byrne separated himself from other kids. While most his age only worried about having fun, Byrne was helping provide for his single-parent household by working multiple jobs. The extra work helped him develop determination, he said. Byrne applied that determination to every aspect of his life, […]

Faculty profiles

David Nantais: ‘Rock-a My Soul’

To Dave Nantais, rock 'n' roll can feed the soul. In his new book, "Rock-a My Soul," Nantais explores the connection between rock music and spiritual life. "Writing 'Rock-a My Soul' was my attempt to marry secular music and my faith," he said. Nantais, who plays drums, grew up listening […]

Classic Sports Features

Evan Bruinsma enjoys keeping low profile

Evan Bruinsma expected it to be this way and he's perfectly fine with it."It's cool," the 6'7" freshman forward said. "It's OK if the attention isn't on me." When people think of the 2010-11 men's basketball recruiting class, they think of All-American guard Ray McCallum and the skill and ability […]